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Do it yourself, but don’t do it alone.


Miami Lumber’s highly qualified staff averages 20 years of experience – and pride themselves on consistently delivering both quality and hands-on service that big box stores can’t deliver – at extremely competitive prices.


Whether you’re beginning a remodel, ready to lay ground on a home, or stuck in the middle of a small fix around the house, our team is happy to help guide or provide consultations to get the job done right – and done well. Our diverse team can connect you with a trusted circle of proven contractors, architects, and specialty craftsmen, or guide you through the entire building process – from day one to move-in day.


Here, there are no national sales goals or guidelines. No guideless DIY. With Miami Lumber, Inc., commit to a better way to build.

Our History

Homegrown. Home Improvement.


In 1942, Ernest Peterson, Sr. took a lumberyard foreman position – little did he know at the time, he was laying the foundation for a legacy that would last for decades. A legacy that would involve all three of his sons, their wives, more than half his grandsons, and great-grandchildren.


Within a few years, the Peterson men found that the legacy their father had started nearly 30 years ago at one lumberyard would evolve throughout the decades. By 1983 all three of the Peterson sons either owned or operated a lumber business in the Kansas City area.


Jerry and his late wife, Mary Ann Peterson, purchased Miami Lumber, Inc. in 1983, building a locally-owned business that would withstand tough fluctuations in the economy and an influx of big box home improvement stores in the surrounding areas. Now retired, their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit was adopted by their son Pete, who now runs the company with his wife, Kenna. In 2016, they were joined in daily operations by their son-in-law, Grady Wolford, bringing the next generation into the fold of homegrown, home improvement and the commitment to community involvement and betterment.


Besides the decades of experience that Pete brings to the business, he is also a fully licensed residential building contractor. His knowledge and commitment to service are the basis on which the company is operated today.


With over 150 years of combined experience, the Peterson family knows what it takes to get any project, large or small, complete. Whether you’re ready to lay the foundation on your new home, or just looking to update an interior, the staff at Miami Lumber is always ready to provide the material and service to build a better way.